An Unexpected Update?

"One should expect the expected can be prevented, but the unexpected should have been expected."
~ Norman R. Augustine

While at university, I've found that you have to engineer a few really good conversation starters; witty, memorable, and unique are good keywords to run with. Try not to sound too eager, or too aloof – there's a delicate social balance, and the merest flicker of your own pathetic iniquity will demolish your chances forever. >>

Oh, cheer up, you get used to it.

Overall, this means that dropping a casual, “So, my friend just flashed his ball-sack at me,” is not a good example, regardless of its verity.

Nevertheless, I feel strangely compelled to start in this manner. Surely no sane person wants to witness a perfectly good blog post despoiled in such a way, but I am quite frankly unable to help myself. Apologies, dear readers, for sharing the trauma; it's only because I care. And may very possibly go insane if I don't write these sorts of things down for the unfeeling, faceless Interweb to commiserate with as it so sympathetically tends to do.

"lulz trolled" indeed.

So, my friend just flashed his ball-sack at me. What's your major?

… Hey, where are you going?


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