Universe-arsity Begins

"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disclination to do so."
~ Douglas Adams
Hoo boy, has this been a busy few months or what? Anyone else spinning like a spastic bumblebee, or is it just me? Today was officially my sixteenth day as a university student. Things have been crazy enough that I've only just managed to sneak away from the hubbub and faithfully record it for your reading pleasure. So here goes. >>

We rocked up to my new home-for-a-year at a sedate nine o'clock, laden with boxes and bags and various trinkets that hadn't been lucky enough to cram into the packed-to-bursting packages. I received an impressively high-tech keycard and was immediately left to fend for myself in this strange new world of caterwauling children pretending to be adults. Three church volunteers helped shift my masses of belongings to my newly bestowed top floor room (Protip: ask for an alcohol-free floor. You'll be sitting pretty on the highest storey in no time), and very kindly invited me along to their service. I'm seriously considering this. They have to be pretty hardcore to have lugged the mountain of shite up four flights of stairs just for the heck of it.

My latest lair. Feel the burn.

So we pottered and tinkered, Daddy darling setting up my desktop and ethernet while Mother dearest made my bed. It's worth bringing the wee tagalongs if you can, kids. In typical fashion, Mum then proceeded to befriend my entire dorm (and is consequently known as 'your lovely mother'). Sometime during this process, she discovered that one of my hallmates is, in fact, cousin Rory's BFF from Rotorua, and bribed him with bags of chocolate fish and free bed-making labour. Of course, we're now honourary cousins too – he even drank my marguerita sorbet to save me having to do it. Gee, thanks. (Kidding, kidding. Love you really, cuz.)

Yes, I've actually been social and gone 'out on the town'. Shocking, I know. When you live on a single hallway with seventeen other people and two bathrooms, you learn to tolerate a little human company. My presumably alien brain was overwhelmed to begin with, but the homo sapiens' ways are slowly ingraining themselves. Should I be worried?


It's been the best of times and the worst of times, and I feel rather different from who I was when this wild ride began. Still not sure whether or not I like that.

Rest assured, this blog shall not be abandoned; I am still just as stubborn as ever, and determined to finish what I've started. Maybe my writing will even acquire a larger audience if Nexus, the campus magazine, will go for my crazy yarns. Fingers crossed.


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