About Me

Eighteen and a half. Peculiar. Lazy. Kind of vague. 

But happy to be here – and enthusiastic for the new year (though I wonder how I'll fare).

I'm a fan of wordplay, and words in general. Love books; poetry and prose and everything in between. Interested to the point of terminal unfashionableness in the concept of this vast uncharted realm known as university. This may change once I actually get there. 

Despite my advanced age, I hold no driver's licence, so once separated from my convenient current transportation (the family van, a hulking behemoth affectionately nicknamed 'Lurch', for the Addams family butler. There's really quite an uncanny resemblance) I'll be putting those long hours slaving over a hot exercycle to good use and biking my way around Hamilton. 

Look out, Waikato.

Navigating Males, Media Consumption, Classes and College.
Not always in that order.

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