Here's Trouble

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
~ Mark Twain

So I've caught myself saying 'wow' a lot recently. This may be due to an above average occurrence of awesome events; it may be due to eyes more open to awesome; or it may be a symptom of vocabulary quietly waning in an environment where it is exercised less frequently than my sporadic gym attendance.

This is you.                           This is you in college.

Why? I don't know. Theoretically, you'd expect university to place ever-increasing demands on the rusty old faculties. The workload alone is supposedly enough to leave stronger men than I weeping great droplets of unfamiliar syntax and scrabbling for tissues with threads of Learning in their weave.

Not so, friend. Perhaps it's the curse of first year papers that they must bridge gaps between the best and the worst of us, or maybe they simply want us to feel comfortable – not too different from what we've always known, not too shaken up by the sudden extreme difficulty of tertiary life – but in any case, the expected extension of exciting new material has yet to materialise.

I admit it, dear readers: I'm bored. Where's the challenge? Where's the romanticised, at once depressing and uplifting slog through uncharted knowledge? Where's the novelty? Don't they realise NCEA/'The Media'/'int3rw3bs' gave us the attention spans of spastic bumble- hey, shiny keyboard.

Can has?

Strangely, I expected to have more homework in the land of academia, not less. Now, some of you are glancing around nervously, making hushing gestures at the screen, sputtering panicked questions in your feverishly collegiate minds. Am I trying to make things worse for everyone? Do I want to anger the elusive beasts known as 'educators'? Am I looking for trouble?

Actually, yes. But I shouldn't have to. In an environment where learning is foremost in the goals of the masses (ideally), trouble of the positive, mentally challenging and nuturing variety is what we're all looking for. Uni is designed to bother us. We shouldn't need to go out looking for learning the way a drunkard trawls bars for likely sparring partners. 


So yeah, I'm looking for trouble. Any ideas?


Julia said...

Jajaja, I see you have updated in your usual procrastination-y manner. Maybe if I do another internet fast, I can has more to read when I breakfast? :D

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